Personnel Registration

Pharmacists, pharmaceutical technicians and pharmaceutical assistants must be registered, enrolled and enlisted by the Council in order to practice. This condition is in accordance to Section (16), (24) and (28) of the Pharmacy Act, 2011. Any person who practice while is not registered under this Act, commits an offence and upon conviction is liable to a fine or imprisonment or both.

There are three categories of personnel registration:-

Provision Registration (Section 18)

Registration issued to a person who is not entitled for full registration because he has not complied with additional requirements to be registered as a pharmacist. The provisional registration is granted to intern pharmacists for the purpose of training to an institution or facility approved by the Council.

Full Registration (Section 16)

Registration granted to a pharmacy graduate who has fulfilled additional requirements including practical experiences of 12 months internship and passed a pre-registration examination issued by the Council. Full registration is also granted to a non-citizen based on conditions laid under The Pharmacy (Registration Foreign Pharmacists) (Amendments) Regulations, 2012.

Temporary Registration (Section 19)

Registration granted to a person who is not ordinarily a resident of Tanzania and intends to be employed in the country for the purposes of carrying out specific assignment in research and training.

Retention of Names in the Register, Roll and List

Every registered pharmaceutical personnel shall before 31st December of each year file information to the Council in the prescribed manner for retaining his name in the register, roll or list as per Section 22, 26 and 30 of the Act. Upon retaining names, a license to practice is issued to individual which is valid a period of 12 months.

Medical Representatives

Section 46 of the Act, restricts the promotion and advertisement of medicines, medical devices or herbal medicines. Thus, is mandatory for a person who needs to carry out promotional activities to obtain a written approval from the Council.

Similarly, Regulation 42 – 46 of the Pharmacy (Pharmacy Practice) Regulations G.N. No. 301 of 2012 has provided registration procedures and qualifications of medical representatives.

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