Application For Pre-Registration and Professional Examination

All applications are processed through an Online Application System. All application procedures and instructions to take the applicant through the application stages are provided here.

For those Intern Pharmacists who performed Internship Applications through online system, are required to use their already created account and login through this link

For those Intern Pharmacists who did not perform Internship Applications through online system, are required to use this link,, to signup and create an account.

All second time re-sitters who sat for first examination on October 2023, MUST use this link Re-sitters that will open and use new accounts their applications SHALL NOT BE APPROVED

All applicants are advised to apply early as possible rather than waiting until dealine approaching.

Other cadres to apply click specified link below:-

If you have already created an account, please click here to Login.

Applicants are reminded to register their names as they appear in Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) and Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSE) including index numbers where prompted.

You are required to have the following documents for Pre-Registration and Professional Exams :-

  • 1) Copy of a letter confirming completion of atleast nine months of internship,where applicable
  • 2) Certified copy of Secondary Education
  • 3) Certified copy of Advanced Secondary Education(where applicable)
  • 4) Certified copy of Award Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • 5) A full transcript of Academic Records certified by the academic officer of the institution or academic body      concerned
  • 6) Evidence of passing Ministry Examination (where applicable)
  • 7) A certified copy of Birth Certificate or Passport
  • 8) Payment of examination fees of TZS.160,000/= (First time sit) and TZS.50,000/= (For each exam when resit) to be paid.
  • 9) Before being allowed to sit for examinations, all candidates MUST have ORIGINAL IDENTITY CARDS (National ID, Vote ID, Passport or Driving License) all time of examinations. Applicants who will not be able to fulfill this requirement SHALL NOT be allowed to sit for examination

i)  Documents which are not in English Language must be interpreted by a recognized Authority and     attached to the documents of the original language


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