Pharmacy Education and Training

Pharmacy Council is mandated to ensure that pharmacy education and training offered at any institution in Tanzania guarantees the necessary knowledge and skills needed for efficient pharmacy practice. It does so by establishing, developing, maintaining and controlling acceptable standards in pharmacy education and training.

The Council regulates pharmacy education and training with accordance to the Pharmacy Act, 2011 and The Pharmacy (Education and Training) Regulations G.N 333 of 2005.

Awards in Pharmacy Education/Pharmacy Training Institutions

Courses or learning programs that lead to recognition of persons must obtain an approval of the Council. Currently the recognized courses are as follows:

a) Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy /Pharmaceutical Sciences

b) Ordinary Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences

c) Technician Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sciences

d) Basic Technician Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sciences

All institutions that provide pharmacy education and training must abide to Approved Standards for Establishing Pharmacy Training Institutions, 2016 before are registered by the National Accreditation Council for Technical Education (NACTE) or Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU).

In the pharmacy profession, there are four categories of personnel based on years and levels of training as indicated below:-

Type of Cadre Years Of Training No. of Schools Available (2019)
Pharmacists  4  4
Pharmaceutical Technicians  3  33
Pharmaceutical Assistants  2  37
Pharmaceutical Dispensers  1  37